Safety is king.

Training is more than a requirement here; it’s a commitment.




Better training.
Safer sites.


Augusta Industrial Services is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for employees. This is not an empty claim: we have invested in building training sites, on-site safety training classes, and full certification programs for our people. We provide a safe and healthy work place for employees to earn a living and for our customers to access our services. Augusta Industrial Services not only has a full-time safety manager, but three Authorized OSHA Outreach Trainers as well. All employees of Augusta Industrial Services complete a thorough safety training program with annual updates to ensure retention and to cover any changes in government regulations.

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Putting money where our mouth is.

We’ve invested time and money in creating an Industrial training facility on-site. While our competitors will take their employees to your site for hands-on training, AIS employees undergo rigorous safety training at our headquarters, using the equipment, procedures and real world examples they’ll use on the job.

Our training facilities are available for use by your company as well. Contact us to see how your business can train at our location. Trainers can be provided if needed. 


Make the safe bet.

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